Front and Rear Cover NGPS

WELCOME to the publicity website and download point for the 672-page eBook, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I Have Chosen”. This is an electronic book, in a high-resolution, interactive PDF format, written by me, Alan Morrison, in the form of a spiritual autobiography and presentation. What’s more, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, my love-gift to you. 💖

To discover more about the book and the author, please click on the “About the Book” tab. If you want to sample some of the contents of the book, please click on “Sample Pages”. There is a running “Reader’s Comments” page which will be continually updated as I receive new responses from those who have read the book. To download the book, which is currently on the stable version v.2.5, please click on the “Book Download” tab. You can keep up with any changes to the book or other announcements on the “News and Updates” page. If you have any questions arising from the book or the content of this website, you can contact me via the “Contact” page.

❗UPDATE❗ Version 2.5 of the book is now available for Download!

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I want to express my love and thanks to those who have sponsored me during the writing of this book and who have encouraged me by patiently reading a continuously expanding manuscript. Without them, this would not have been possible. Thanks also to the digital artist, Sarah (Twiggy), who gave kind permission for her image to be used on the cover of the book to depict the strait (difficult) way and the broad (easy) way..

Thank you so much for visiting this website! I wish you every blessing and hope that you have found the content interesting and that the book will be of help in your own spiritual pilgrimage. Writing it has certainly been helpful in mine.