About the Book

“Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I Have Chosen” started out at the beginning of 2018 as a little article explaining who the Christ is and what He represents to a friend who had asked me for this information, as he doubted even the existence of Christ. But it soon became clear that a mere article was never going to be sufficient for what I needed to say. Plus, I also realised that what I was saying needed to be seen, if possible, by more than one person. Thus, over the ensuing months, it has gradually grown into a huge project of 672 pages containing almost 250,000 words with 1.4 million characters and 812 footnotes. Nine months after commencing this work, the book consists of a Prologue, 8 Chapters (with more than 250 sections and sub-sections), an Epilogue, and 10 Appendices.

The first 70 pages of the book (plus various other sections throughout the work) contain a spiritual autobiography, starting from birth going through to the present time. The remaining pages are an extended presentation of what I have discovered in my almost seventy years of existence about what lies behind what can be seen with the eyes in this world, coupled with my interpretation of what is happening in it, past present and future. Never has there been so much uncertainty and insecurity about the future in people’s minds. This book addresses that dilemma head-on, putting it in a context of spiritual revelations which many will find surprising.

How to Read the Book

Here is an extract from the Prologue of the book to assist you with knowing how to read it:

“Many only read headlines or headings and then second-guess the text, usually erroneously. Although I have provided more than two-hundred and forty headings, such a truncated strategy will not work with this book. So please do not just read a few little portions here and there, or pick around at this and that, and then make your judgements or come to your conclusions on such a basis; for I can assure you that method will be invalid. I am covering a huge amount of ground in many different contexts, biographical and spiritual. It will all only make sense, or be open to valid critique, if the book is taken as a whole. It all dovetails together, including the footnotes and appendices, which I also encourage you to read thoroughly, as they provide a commentary on the main text. Some parts of the book explain the material in other parts. Thus, you may have questions arising from reading the first half of the book which are then answered in the second half. For these reasons, conclusions about the worth and content of the book can only be reached when one has absorbed the entire breadth of its material”.

About the Author


For the last couple of decades, I have concentrated primarily on being first and foremost a writer; and then later also as a poet and songwriter — skills I have been honing throughout my life, to a greater or lesser degree. This has been a necessary period of growth for me, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. But having now passed the “three-score years and ten” of my allotted lifespan — which have included a lengthy time working in social work and counselling, some years in the “Peace Movement”, eight years as a church pastor, and many decades as a disciple of Christ (the last few questing years of which have been more or less “underground” and “undercover” as I needed to be 100% sure of my calling) — I am now standing on ground which is solid enough for me to be “unleashed and on the loose” as a radical, authentic disciple of Christ, one of the counterculture of not only the twenty-first century but of all time. That freedom of spirit, coupled with the influences of all the activities above, have coalesced into what you will read within the pages of this book.