Readers’ Comments

On this page, you will find comments made by people who have read the book. This will be added to continually. If you are a reader of the book, you are welcome to send a comment of your own via the Contact page, with a view to having it published below.

“I have been reading Alan’s articles, poems and other writings for the last fifteen years, and they have always presented a beacon of light and truth in this age of darkness and deception. This book is no exception. If you are a genuine truth-seeker who wants to increase your understanding of the spiritual battle we are in as we get closer to the end of this wicked aeon, you should not miss this book. You will find it both encouraging and enlightening”.

HJ, Bergen, Norway

“Oh Alan, your book is like a living gospel. I have never read any book like this one. You are in a league of you own! Wow. I need to be going to bed, but can’t pull myself away from this wonderful testament in front of me. You have put meat on the table… a full course meal even. Hands down, this work is priceless. Bringing me back to the living waters and out of the desert. God Bless you for this pure masterpiece.”

CB, Seattle, USA

“For several years, I have enjoyed the truth which is always integrated into Alan’s writings. He has been gifted with an insight from which we can all benefit greatly. He is a notable wordsmith both for his use of words and his great interpretation of the goings-on in the world. In this book, which is at the same time both captivating and personal, Alan invites us to ponder over life and what is to come in this beautiful, awesome, and at the same time evil world. In the pages of this book, you will find the real truth both of our lives and the world. Thank you, Alan, for sharing your heart with us!”

ADJ, Copenhagen, Denmark

“In this work, Alan cuts through the baloney of our delusionary times to show us the core of modern angst and how far we have strayed from our original design. Not only has he gathered his material from his own experience but also with a keen and wry observation. If you want to get through the bedeviled details of current trends in the news in order to get at the “why” of the escalating drama worldwide, Alan’s analyses will dismantle the wall of obfuscation surrounding many issues”.

DJS, San Diego, USA