Book Updated to Stable Version 1.5

28th November, 2018: The book was updated to stable version v.1.5. This is an extensive revision with a number of typographical errors corrected which had been pointed out by kind readers. There has also been an innumerable number of “perfections” and clarifications (some in response to readers’ queries), and I have gone through the entire text with a fine toothcomb from start to finish. The book now contains 606 pages, making an additional 11 pages, and has almost 7000 more words than in the previous version. It also now contains more than 224,000 words and has 727 footnotes. Version v.1.5 will now be the stable version and I will not be doing anything more to it for the foreseeable future. I have been working on this update day and night for the past month and it is now absolutely everything I want it to be. My whole heart is in there. Download is advised, but please first delete any previous versions if you have them. I hope you find the book helpful and edifying.

Updates to the Book & Other News

From time to time, the book will be updated with corrections and/or important and necessary new material. This is the beauty of an electronic book! Therefore, you can check below to see if any updates have happened and what they consist of. I would strongly recommend downloading the latest version, as it will always have the greatest clarification. Updates can merely be the correction of typographical errors or they can take place in the text after a reader/enquirer has asked for clarification. Also, news will appear here about any other projects of Under the Radar or activities which may be connected with the book or its subject matter, e.g. public talks, articles, blogs, etc.

When you download the current version, please ensure that you delete all previous versions of the book on your devices.