NEW BOOK AVAILABLE: “Signs, Wonders, & Divine Revelation — The Gifts of the Spirit & Their Abuses in Today’s Churches

THIS NEW BOOK, “Signs, Wonders, & Divine Revelation – The Gifts of the Spirit & their Abuses in Today’s Churches” is now available for free download on my Diakrisis Project website as a properly designed eBook in PDF format via the attached link. It is both polemical (controversial) and didactic (educational). Standing at 165 pages with over 60,000 words and more than 350 footnotes, it is based on a much smaller article I wrote exactly thirty years ago, but never published, and which has secretly been bursting to be born. Now, after adding tens of thousands of words, it is available.

To read more about the book and to download it, please click on this link: . I hope you find it helpful. Blessings from me… 💝

New Article on my Website: From New Age to New Life

THERE IS A NEW ARTICLE ON MY DIAKRISIS PROJECT WEBSITE, entitled “From New Age to New Life: The Challenges & Pitfalls for the New Ager Coming to Christ”. Recently I have become increasingly aware of the comparatively large number of folks who have been making the transition from New Age to Christ. I believe there are reasons for this, as I show in the article. Because of this development, this article has been written to help my fellow disciples of Christ understand more about the background to it all. I also want to try to smooth the way for these newly ‘released prisoners’ who miraculously cross the void from New Age to a new life in Christ, as it can be quite a culture shock — not to mention that they can find themselves being manipulated by others in the “Christian” scene as it is a real mixed bag of madness and mendacity along with the message of truth. So this article has been written in the hope of providing some forthtelling warning as well as giving a ground-base of healthy teaching. It comes from my heart to yours. Click on the link below to go there. You can also sign up as a subscriber when you are there, so you always receive a notification when I publish an article. Love & blessings to one and all! 💝

New Website for Articles

THERE IS A NEW WEBSITE for Alan’s investigative and spiritual articles. The Diakrisis Project. You will find it here: . There are more than 300 items there, including excerpts from his upcoming commentary on the book of Revelation. More specifically from chapter 13 of that book, on the two beasts, the mark of the beast and 666 (updated by 100%, plus yesterday a new piece entitled “State of the World Address, 2022”. If you enjoyed Narrow Gate, you will enjoy the articles there.

Looking forward to you being there.

Blessings & Best Wishes from me.

Substantial Update of Article Mentioned in the Book

Annotation 2020-07-08 133817

READERS may be interested in a controversial article which was mentioned in “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait” as leading to death threats against my children in 2007. Now I have updated that article substantially compared to its original edition in the late 1990s. It now has 32,000 words and is the equivalent of a 100-page paperback book. The image above is the cover page of this PDF format eBook edition, and that will tell you a little bit about it. For further information, please follow this link to my blog: , where there are instructions concerning its download.

I hope you find this helpful.

Blessings & Best Wishes,


Important Article on my Blog…

Screenshot (12)

Dear Friends, there is an article on my blog (14,000 words/21 A4 pages) which I have just completed which is very much in the spirit of this book. The title is “Original Spin: The Only Real Conspiracy”. Behind all the possible conspiracies that can be named, real or theoretical, there is one overarching conspiracy which has echoed down through the annals of time from the beginning of human creation. The identity of that conspiracy is the central premise of this article. In the process, many other subjects are examined: Cyber Conspiracy Chaos, Conspiracy Narcissism, the Prevalence of Controlled Opposition, Mesmerisation & Distraction, the Luciferic Coalition, What the Bible Really Teaches, the Spiritual Battle, the Counterfeit Global Reset, the Climax of Evil on Earth, Two Diametrically Opposed Views, and more.

You can access that article here: . Also, there is a PDF version of the article which can be downloaded on the page. Bear in mind that this article has been written for a wide readership and is not for some theological hierarchy. 😉 I hope you find it helpful. If so, please feel free to share it widely.

Blessings & best wishes,

Sponsorship of a Physical Hard-Copy of the Book

IT HAS NOW BEEN SUGGESTED BY AT LEAST 10 READERS that a physical hard-copy version of the “Narrow Gate” book should be printed and distributed. This is what I would have liked from the start. But that would take a few thousand pounds / dollars / euros to accomplish with an almost 700-page book in a quality finish. So at first I just wanted to “get it out there” in the cheapest and fastest way possible to gauge the reaction to the content in the form of a free eBook. In the 18 months since the book came out, it has been downloaded more than 1000 times. But it seems that many would much prefer to have a physical book to read for convenience and saving on eye-strain, despite the fact that it would cost. (I even had a message from one intrepid soul who is so keen to have a hard-copy for herself that she was asking for permission to print out the book via photocopy at a cost of almost $80 in a local printshop!). I love physical books myself. So I’m just throwing this out there: Now that it has reached what I believe will be its definitive edition, would you be willing at some stage to contribute in some way to sponsoring the printing costs of a hard-copy edition of this book? Naturally, all costings would be made available and open to scrutiny. This would not be a for-profit exercise.

The eBook would continue to be available free of charge for anyone who wanted it, so that isn’t really an issue. It wouldn’t be a question of stopping the free eBook. It’s not an “either/or” situation but a “both/and” scenario.🙂  I know there are many who appreciate hard copy in their hands (for either romantic or practical reasons), and only have a phone to read PDFs or have a computer screen which is not great resolution. The messages I’m receiving are that a real physical book is a good additional way to go. I already knew from feedback that many haven’t bothered to download or have tried but gave up because they can’t handle the visuals. So it’s on the cards if the finance can be found. For example, if 200 people sponsored the project with $£€20 each, that would cover the printing costs and they would also already have paid for their own copy of the book 😀 Simple maths. This is doable. 😎

Please send me a message via email at or use the contact page of this website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings & best wishes to you.


Book updated to version v.2.01

THIS IS JUST TO SAY THAT the book has been updated to version v.2.01. This has just a very few minor updates in one section plus an updated photograph of the author on the rear cover with new hairstyle and colour. 😎 Nothing special. But if you are OCD and really need to have the latest edition of everything (which is me, by the way! 😀), then you will probably want to have v.2.01 rather than 2.0.

I hope the book resonates. Feel free to share it widely.

Blessings and best wishes,



Version 2.0 of the Book is Now Available for Download!

Front and Rear Cover

Dear Friends,

Version 2.0 of Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait is now available on the download page. This new edition has 670 pages, almost 250,000 words, 8 chapters, 10 appendices, more than 800 footnotes, and 262 section headings. That is 65 pages and 27,000 words more than the previous edition. Numerous additions have been made to the text, plus an extra final chapter and the entire manuscript has been honed and corrected, with broken hyperlinks put right. It also contains interactive hyperlinks and if you make bookmarks visible you will be able to see all the headings of the book laid out next to the text and use them interactively to move around the book.

I hope that you will find this new edition to be a rewarding addition to your library.

Blessings and best wishes,


Alan Morrison

New Blog Article for my 70th Birthday (plus other big news about another website)

TO COMMEMORATE MY 70th BIRTHDAY, I’ve written a 2,600-word article on my blog. I hope you will find it interesting. It also speaks about a new website and service which I will be offering (free of charge) which is actually a resurrection of a service I used to offer in the past. Maybe you can guess 😉). This is a new year of action and this new website and service is growing out of the book I wrote last year, Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait. To go to the article please click here. I look forward to welcoming you there! Best wishes and blessings to one and all!