Version 2.0 of the Book is Now Available for Download!

Front and Rear Cover

Dear Friends,

Version 2.0 of Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait is now available on the download page. This new edition has 670 pages, almost 250,000 words, 8 chapters, 10 appendices, more than 800 footnotes, and 262 section headings. That is 65 pages and 27,000 words more than the previous edition. Numerous additions have been made to the text, plus an extra final chapter and the entire manuscript has been honed and corrected, with broken hyperlinks put right. It also contains interactive hyperlinks and if you make bookmarks visible you will be able to see all the headings of the book laid out next to the text and use them interactively to move around the book.

I hope that you will find this new edition to be a rewarding addition to your library.

Blessings and best wishes,


Alan Morrison