Sponsorship of a Physical Hard-Copy of the Book

IT HAS NOW BEEN SUGGESTED BY AT LEAST 10 READERS that a physical hard-copy version of the “Narrow Gate” book should be printed and distributed. This is what I would have liked from the start. But that would take a few thousand pounds / dollars / euros to accomplish with an almost 700-page book in a quality finish. So at first I just wanted to “get it out there” in the cheapest and fastest way possible to gauge the reaction to the content in the form of a free eBook. In the 18 months since the book came out, it has been downloaded more than 1000 times. But it seems that many would much prefer to have a physical book to read for convenience and saving on eye-strain, despite the fact that it would cost. (I even had a message from one intrepid soul who is so keen to have a hard-copy for herself that she was asking for permission to print out the book via photocopy at a cost of almost $80 in a local printshop!). I love physical books myself. So I’m just throwing this out there: Now that it has reached what I believe will be its definitive edition, would you be willing at some stage to contribute in some way to sponsoring the printing costs of a hard-copy edition of this book? Naturally, all costings would be made available and open to scrutiny. This would not be a for-profit exercise.

The eBook would continue to be available free of charge for anyone who wanted it, so that isn’t really an issue. It wouldn’t be a question of stopping the free eBook. It’s not an “either/or” situation but a “both/and” scenario.🙂  I know there are many who appreciate hard copy in their hands (for either romantic or practical reasons), and only have a phone to read PDFs or have a computer screen which is not great resolution. The messages I’m receiving are that a real physical book is a good additional way to go. I already knew from feedback that many haven’t bothered to download or have tried but gave up because they can’t handle the visuals. So it’s on the cards if the finance can be found. For example, if 200 people sponsored the project with $£€20 each, that would cover the printing costs and they would also already have paid for their own copy of the book 😀 Simple maths. This is doable. 😎

Please send me a message via email at under-the-radar@outlook.com or use the contact page of this website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings & best wishes to you.