Important Article on my Blog…

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Dear Friends, there is an article on my blog (14,000 words/21 A4 pages) which I have just completed which is very much in the spirit of this book. The title is “Original Spin: The Only Real Conspiracy”. Behind all the possible conspiracies that can be named, real or theoretical, there is one overarching conspiracy which has echoed down through the annals of time from the beginning of human creation. The identity of that conspiracy is the central premise of this article. In the process, many other subjects are examined: Cyber Conspiracy Chaos, Conspiracy Narcissism, the Prevalence of Controlled Opposition, Mesmerisation & Distraction, the Luciferic Coalition, What the Bible Really Teaches, the Spiritual Battle, the Counterfeit Global Reset, the Climax of Evil on Earth, Two Diametrically Opposed Views, and more.

You can access that article here: . Also, there is a PDF version of the article which can be downloaded on the page. Bear in mind that this article has been written for a wide readership and is not for some theological hierarchy. 😉 I hope you find it helpful. If so, please feel free to share it widely.

Blessings & best wishes,